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I-EMS - AI based Energy Management Solutions.

Solutions for the Future of Energy

I-EMS software solutions help electricity system operators to plan and operate distribution power networks with minimum cost and maximum reliability by means of IoT/AMI, AI & ML, Optimization and Blockchain-based Transactive Energy Market platform.


Real Time predictive analytics for renewable energy resources and and load forecasts for distribution power system


AI powered system simulator and optimizer for optimal and efficient scheduling of renewable energy sources (DER).


Real-time, trading of energy resources via a Permissioned Blockchain solution between a power system operator and DER owners.

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We offer solutions and services for future of energy in smart grids.

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Software Solutions for the Future of Energy

IoT, AI & Machine Learning, Optimization and Blockchain are the new Tools & Technologies for Planning, Operations and Transactive-based Control of future Smart Grids.

I-EMS Group Ltd (I-EMS) is an advanced Software and Analytics solution provider for optimal planning, operation and control of smart distribution grids with multiple Distributed Energy Resources (DER). I-EMS provides a coherent solution for the distributed energy market utilizing cutting-edge technologies in forecasting, network analysis, and energy trade.

The solution consists of Predictive Analytics (PA), Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) and peer-to-peer (P2P) Blockchain-based Transactive Energy (TE) Market as a service in Smart Grids. The combined PA and DERMS software modules are named “GridIntell”, and the P2P TE module is called “BC2E”.

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