14th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum

AI based Energy Management Solutions

14th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum

IEMS CEO is the panel organizer and moderator at 14th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum in San Diego, California, February 16, 2022.

We are honoured and thrilled to be chairing a session on “AI for Grid Connected and Remote Microgrids” at MGIF-NA on Feb 16 in San Diego bit.ly/3supxq3, joined by IEMS Ltd.itunePower Inc.Energy+ Inc. and New Sun Road, P.B.C.
Please enter SGO20 for 20% off during registration!

Will be taking a close look at AI predictive analytics and optimal control for grid-connected and off-grid microgrids with live projects and applications in north and central America at MGIF-NA on Feb 16 in San Diego bit.ly/3supxq3.
Please join us in person or virtually if you can!



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