Revolutionizing the energy ecosystem through intelligent and adaptive energy management solutions

IEMS, through its SaaS solutions, empowers smart city and grid planners, system operators, utilities, microgrid operators, EV-fleet, and charge point operators (CPO) to operate sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective smart grids and intelligent transportation systems using AI, blockchain, IoT, AMI, ML, Game Theory and other proprietary optimization technologies.


Real Time predictive analytics for renewable energy resources and and load forecasts for distribution power system


AI powered system simulator and optimizer for optimal and efficient scheduling of renewable energy sources (DER).


Real-time, trading of energy resources via a Permissioned Blockchain solution between a power system operator and DER owners.

What IEMS do best is …

Providing advanced software and analytics solutions for transforming Smart Grids focusing on sustainability and efficiency.

AI based Energy Management Solutions

Software Solutions for the Future of Energy

IEMS Solution is a leading provider of advanced software and analytics solutions for optimal planning, operation, and control of smart grids and the energizing mobility sector with multiple Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Virtual Power Plants (VPP), and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). By utilizing cutting-edge technologies in forecasting, network analysis, and energy trade, IEMS provides comprehensive SaaS solutions for the distributed energy market.
The IEMS SaaS solutions include Enterprize DERMS, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Management, EV Charging Management, AI-based Predictive Analytics (PA), Energy efficiency M&V, and peer-to-peer (P2P) Blockchain-based Transactive Energy (TE) Market as an advanced market management system (AMMS), all of which are integral components of sustainable Smart Grids.

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Customers & Partners Testimonials

Our valued partners and partnerships

Duquesne Light Company and IEMS have actively started to assess and develop an Advanced Market Management System (AMMS) to support FERC Order 2222 requirements; minimize cost; and maximize reliability planning and operations of the transmission & distribution (T&D) system as part of the integrated project planning process.

As a global technology leader in the energy industry, Honeywell has had the privilege of working with IEMS, and we can attest to their exceptional software and analytics solutions, which have enabled us to optimize and enhance our energy management solutions for the benefit of our customers.