The CEO of I-EMS Group, Dr. Ashkan R. Kian, is the panel organizer for VPP-DERMS at the 11th Microgrid Innovation Forum in Chicago, USA from March 9 to 11, 2020. Dr. Kians goals for this panel are to gather academic and industrial professionals to talk about the importance and impacts of Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and DERMS (Distributed Energy Resource Management Software/System) on the future of energy and how the VPP firms and DERMS software can help power utilities (PU) and local distribution companies (LDC) to plan, operate and manage the smart grids of future. Dr. Kian wants to convey the message to the panel audience that DERMS is the necessary and missing software from the PU/LDCs SCADA/ADMS to enable them to perform Integrated Distribution Planning (IDP) considering NWA (non-wire alternatives), to efficiently and optimally operate future smart distribution grids with thousands of DER assets and flexible loads (with demand response or DR), and to trade energy/reserve with the registered DER and DR assets within their peer-to-peer Transactive Energy (TE) business networks.

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