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Our vision:

IEMS Solution empowers utilities, consumers, and prosumers to co-create a decentralized, electrified, and digitalized clean distribution grid of the future.

What we offer:

An AI-based common platform managing all interactions between utility, consumers, prosumers and VPPs for distributed energy resources, and enabling a smooth smart grid transition to the utility of the future business model.

As part of the Energy Internet solution as a common platform, IEMS offers an end-to-end enterprise AI-based Transactive Energy (TE) ready Distributed Energy Resource Management System, (AI-based TE-ready DERMS), helping turn on new revenue streams, increase customer engagement, and balance energy supply and demand in real-time. IEMS’ DERMS system allows utilities to manage distributed energy resources in real-time, using advanced AI-based analytics and forecasting techniques to predict energy supply and demand, manage energy storage systems, and optimize renewable energy resources. The system also provides tools for operators to monitor and control DERs, enabling them to respond to T&D grid conditions and make adjustments to ensure reliable and cost-effective energy delivery.


At IEMS, we are proud to lead the way in flexibility management, leveraging the vast potential of the Energy Internet to extract flexible capacity from distributed energy resources and trade it via a blockchain-based transactive energy platform. Our team comprises world-class software developers, electrical and computer engineers, data scientists, and energy experts, who use cutting-edge analytics and deep energy data science to tackle the most pressing electric energy challenges. In addition to our technical expertise, we are actively engaged with multiple industrial forums and associations, including IEEE, CIGRE, and SEPA, and support regulators in shaping regulations on the state and jurisdictional levels. With our innovative approach and industry knowledge, we are well-positioned to help you achieve your energy goals.

IEMS is Proud member of:

SEPA, OpenADR, PLMA, IEEE-PES, IEEE Blockchain-Enabled Transactive Energy (BCTE)

Our Team