IEMS non-wire SaaS-based solution specifically to measure and verify (M&V) directly Demand Response or Energy Efficiency programs to where network congestion impacting utility performance through AMI data and Network topology and using IEMS power flow forecasting engine.​

IEMS offers an Energy Efficiency Measurement & Verification (M&V) solution that helps energy companies and utilities track and measure the effectiveness of their energy efficiency programs. The solution uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze data from various sources and calculate the actual energy savings achieved. It includes real-time monitoring of energy usage and performance data, enabling stakeholders to identify areas where improvements can be made. It also offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing energy companies and utilities to measure the impact of their energy efficiency programs and track their return on investment. The M&V solution also provides automated reporting for regulatory compliance, helping to streamline reporting processes and reduce the risk of errors. With IEMS’s M&V solution, energy companies and utilities can improve their energy efficiency, reduce costs, and meet regulatory requirements while providing reliable and uninterrupted energy services to their customers.

Here is a sample dashboard designed for a customer for EV Charger incentive offers under Energy Efficiency program:

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