In partnership with Ciena Inc., University of Ottawa and ChargeLab Corp., IEMS Group is developing, deploying and testing a 5G SaaS with Predictive Analytics, DERMS and a Peer-to-Peer Transactive Energy (P2P TE) platform for optimal EV-fleet management to trade energy with the VPP (e.g., ChargeLab), and the VPP to trade energy with the DSO (e.g., Hydro Ottawa) as V2G (vehicle to grid) services to the DSO for peak-shaving, grid reliability improvement, network loss reduction and energy price control during peak-demand hours. This is a real-time real network application at U-Ottawa Smart Campus with numerous EV cars, EVSE (charging stations), roof-top solar PV and buildings with flexible & price-sensitive loads (e.g., demand response), a VPP (ChargeLab) and a DSO (Hydro Ottawa).

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