IEMS Predictive Analytics SaaS

The IEMS Predictive Analytics (PA) SaaS solution utilizes AI-based advanced algorithms to make accurate short-term predictions for key factors, including solar PV and wind turbine generation, electric load, HVAC load, residential battery storage usage, and EV-fleet’s battery SOC (state of charge), as well as day-ahead zonal/nodal electricity prices for T&D grids such as DLMP and LMP.


The IEMS DERMS (Distributed Energy Resource Management System) and HEMS (Home Energy Management System) enable efficient day-ahead to real-time operations for T&D grids, microgrids, and net-zero buildings with multiple DERs, including solar PV, wind turbines, battery storage, EVSE (L1, L2 & L3), CHP, smart thermostats, lighting systems, appliances, and electric plugs.


The IEMS AMMS (Advanced Market Management System) is a cutting-edge solution for energy and ancillary services trading that enables Prosumers (including EVSE, solar PV, wind power, demand response, VPP, and microgrid operators) to efficiently and securely trade with power T&D systems operators (DSOs) in a digital energy marketplace that is both autonomous and cyber-secure