The most important features for the IEMS Turnkey Virtual Power Plant (VPP) management dashboard for streamlining DER Management for the Decarbonized grid of the Future are:

  • Full systemwide DER aggregation and integration: Integrate all distributed energy resources and aggregate as a virtual plant.
  • Real-time monitoring: The ability to monitor the status of the VPP and its components in real-time, including generation, demand, and battery storage.
  • Forecasting: Providing forecasting capabilities for energy demand, supply, and pricing, which can help in planning VPP operations, dispatching energy, and maximizing VPP revenue streams.
  • Control and Management: Allowing for the management of VPP assets and control of VPP operations from a centralized dashboard, including the ability to set energy dispatch schedules and load management (LM), adjust energy pricing, and manage energy storage. It could be utilized as Demand Response Management System (DRMS)
  • Alerting and notifications: Alerting users in real-time about any issues, problems, or abnormal conditions with the VPP, such as equipment failures or outages.
  • User access management: Providing role-based access control to the VPP dashboard to ensure that only authorized users have access to the VPP and its data.
  • Revenue maximization: Through the use of agent-based profit/utility function maximization and game theory, it maximizes the revenue of the VPP.
  • Energy market information: Displaying the energy market prices, demand, and supply data, which can help in decision-making and optimizing the VPP’s operation.
  • Reporting: Generating detailed reports on the VPP’s performance, including energy generated, energy consumed, energy stored, financial performance and customer engagement during group calls. Generating customized reports and visualized through Microsoft Power BI.



Communication Interfaces:

  • DNP3
  • OpenADR
  • IEEE2030.5
  • OCPP
  • ISO 15118
  • Restful API
  • SFTP

Data Format Compatibility:

  • Common Information Model (CIM) Import/Export

Cybersecurity Features:

  • Secure web portal with multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Encryption for data at rest and transition


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